It Takes Two to Tango

Studying or Learning English as a Second Language
English is the primary language in the U.S., and millions of people are trying to learn it every day. Its study consists of reading, writing, speaking, and listening--with the latter being the most important. Given that fact, ten percent of all public school students are learning English as a second language, and what’s crazy is only one percent of public school teachers are ESL instructors. In other words, there’s only one ESL teacher working to help over one hundred students in an average school. That’s why we need more English tutors! No matter where we’re from, everyone deserves an equal opportunity for education, and it’s our responsibility to ensure our youth are given the proper tools they need to fulfill their maximum potential. This not only benefits our communities, but society as a whole. I think we all can agree things would be a little different if we focused more on communication.

Learning a Foreign Language
Simultaneously, there are nearly 40 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. It’s, by far, the most most spoken non-English language. Based on current data, there will be more Spanish than English speakers in the U.S. by 2050. So don’t wait to hire a Spanish tutor! There will be more Americans from Latin and Spanish speaking countries than anywhere in the world, and we must acknowledge the U.S. as a multilingual nation. Fortunately, people often say it’s easier to learn Spanish than English when studying a foreign language; not to mention, young children can be enrolled in Spanish at a young age and soak it up like sponges. It only makes me wonder why Spanish, or any foreign language for that matter, is not a mandatory part of our nation’s elementary curriculum. We learn as teens because we’re “forced” to, and it often goes in one ear and out the other.

Tutoring--the Highest Form of Supplemental Education
Most people just don’t know where to find help, or how to make learning languages fun. There are so many tutoring agencies that charge high, up front fees; they make parents pay for large packages without even knowing who they’re working with. The tutors they hire are disgruntled independent contractors who make half of what they should. Lucky for tutors and students, there’s a new, innovative marketplace disrupting the education industry: HeyTutor. Now, people can finally connect directly with hundreds of hyperlocal tutors for one-on-one, in-home tutoring. It’s private education at its finest--the highest form of supplementary education parents can provide. What’s more, each tutor sets their own hourly rate, which attracts the highest quality talent, while providing parents with myriad options at market price. You won’t believe how many tutors from top-tier schools, with years of tutoring experience, charge rates as low as $25. Go ahead and message as many tutors as you want. Consultation is free of charge. You’ll be prompted to fill out a student profile. Tutors will respond quickly and you’ll be able to set up your first language session at your earliest convenience. Check it out and pay-as-you-go!